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Update By Jonathan White 2016/11/10
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Traffic Exchange, Email Lists, Landing Pages, Sales Funnels, Internet Traffic.....these are likely terms you've heard in recent years as more entrepreneurs and businesses shift their resources to selling products and services online.  Below are links I, or my trusted colleagues, have personally tried, tested and proven to generate traffic to your website.  Traffic turns to leads, leads to sales and sales mean revenues!

LeadsLeap consistently tops my Google Analytics reports in the top 3 referrals sources.  The thing I like most is IT'S FREE!!  Obviously you can get more traffic my upgrading to their paid program but just by simply viewing other peoples ads you can advertise your program.
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Since 1994, WorldProfit, an Edmonton, Canada based company, has assisted small and home based business owners around the world to profit online. They specialize in traffic generation, business-building software, various reseller opportunities, webcasting, and ongoing training and support for their customers.

IBO Toolbox

This is premier business social platform that gives you the tools to generate traffic, leads and sales.  Create organic traffic by engaging with others on the social platform or pay for faster traffic.

This advertising exchange generates 100% real unique traffic.  By looking at other people's ad's they in turn have to look at yours.  When you buy a traffic package you also participate in the company's revenue pool which pays up to 2% daily on the total value of advertising you've bought. Click Here for free account