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International Living

Update By Jonathan White 2016/11/03
If you're thinking about retiring or investing in real estate abroad... check out these highly recommended countries and resources!
​" Going offshore" in recent years has become a more widely accepted concept.  If you had asked people 20 years ago about going offshore they would be questionning your motives and whether they were legal or not.  With the abundance of information available on the Internet these days the offshore world is not a foreign idea anymore. Further to this point, Google Adwords report monthly searches for "go offshore" have more than tripled over the past ten years.  This statistic alone tells me this concept has become popular for a works!  It works for many different you own an internet business? Go offshore...  Planning to buy real estate? Go's much more afforable.

"Perpetual Tourism" in Costa Rica

There are official residency classifications. However, be that as it may, there is another method for inconclusively dragging out your stay in Costa Rica that requires zero administration, however it does abandon you with no genuine allows or rights. 

Costa Rican vacationer visas are valid for 90 days on end. These 90 days start again when you leave the nation for no less than 3 days. Numerous non-natives on vacationer visas make utilization of this by making short excursions to adjoining Nicaragua or Panama, just to return and remain in Costa Rica for an additional three months. This practice, named "perpetual tourism", is not unlawful, but rather it is clearly not an achievable alternative for expats who have different purposes behind coming to Costa Rica in any case.

Are you considering moving or retiring overseas?

You've seen the grandiose claims on moving to some distant land… "retire like a King abroad" or "live better on just $1,000 a month."

Typically that is trailed by a rosy scenario of some developing third-world nation that is as far as anyone knows a retirement haven. Sure it's very affordable, however, is it a place you really want to live?

What's more, obviously, the drawbacks and difficulties of living abroad are never specified…

Truly, no place will offer everything you want. What's more, there are notable challenges that everybody—regardless of their financial plan—must think about before considering living abroad.

That said, the Editors at Live and Invest Overseas have you covered in extensive detail with their personal journey.