Update By Jonathan White 2016/11/14
The better part of my career has been involved with foreign currencies, international payments and payment technologies.  If you are not involved with cryptocurrency NEED to be because it is the next financial revolution!
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What is cryptocurrency?
Most people think of BitCoin when you hear the word cryptocurrency, but did you know that as of July 2016 there were more than 710 cryptocurrencies available for trade?  That said, only 9 of them had market capitalizations over $10 million.

Did you miss the growth of BitCoin?
BitCoin was introduced January of 2009 and by February of 2010 the first real transaction was completed using BTC(BitCoin) for payment of a product.  The value of a BitCoin at that point was approximately $0.008 and within a few months the PPC(Price Per Coin) grew to $0.08.  A year later the PPC was on par with the US dollar.  Long story short....the PPC for BitCoin peaked at approximately $1250.00!  Imagine being one of the early adopters of BitCoin....buying BitCoin at $5 and selling them at $500....lot's of people did and became overnight millionaires.