Welcome to Digital Trendz!

This is my collection of nearly 20 years of international business experience and connections organized into a website to share with others who can benefit from the information.

My passion is business development and operations.  When I'm not talking business then I like planning my next travel destination; and sometimes that revolves around my genealogy hobby!  Embracing the 21st Century I focus on technology to streamline processes and increase profitability.  If I don't have the solution myself I have an extensive network of colleagues that can accomplish nearly any challenge you may be facing.  Try me!

My professional career has mainly been foreign exchange & international payment solutions, AML(Anti-Money Laundering) Compliance Programs, SaaS solution implementations and business development.  In recent years I've been working on my "online" presence and transitioning to internet based activities to generate more business.

Questions?  I welcome the opportunity to hear from you and point you in the direction towards a solution.

Kind Regards,

​Jonathan White